Mandurah’s most popular carpet cleaner


When Chris took over the Mandurah business, he was unaware Mark had been working part time for the previous owners. On meeting Mark Chris was very impressed with his attitude and decided to keep him on.  This turned out to be a decision Chris was never to regret.

It soon became evident that Mark was very popular with his clients as about 90% asked for him by name. This was so unprecedented that Chris was obliged to query why.

The general consensus was he was very polite, very helpful moving furniture, very knowledgeable and extremely thorough. As Mark began to get more and more repeat work and referrals the workload became so overwhelming that Mark required assistance three days a week to cope.

We even had the unusual situation of experienced operators being turned away at the door as they would rather wait till Mark could do it. This occurred no less than five times!  At one stage we had 42 consecutive regulars that had asked for him and refused to use anyone else.

Nowadays clients ring the office give their name and say Mark knows me, he knows where I live and what to do. He’s being coming here for twenty years.

We tell our customers, when Mark does a job for you, you will never use anyone else again.  To this day no one has ever rung back to contradict that comment.

So, if you need your carpets, curtains or upholstery done  give us a ring and ask for Mark .

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