This cleaning process uses detergent based products. It will often leave a sticky residue which aids rapid re-soiling. Conversely Elite uses a unique evaporative process which leaves absolutely no residue which ensures your carpets stay cleaner for longer. Less cleans means less cost to you.


The Elite process often uses 90% less water which obviates the associated problems of shrinking, stretching, musky odours and mildew. Most steam cleaners use truck mounts with hoses dragged through your property. Our equipment is portable and has great advantages also with multi story apartments and two story houses.


Dry Cleaning

No other so called dry cleaning systems uses the same evaporative cleaning agents as they are produced solely for Elite. There are other companies that use similar looking equipment that don’t produce the same results that we do.

12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  1. Elite’s clean will extend the life of the carpet
    Because Elite’s system cannot damage the carpets in any way it tends to extend the lifespan for your valuable asset twice as long as you would normally find cleaning with a wet system. We have case studies to prove it.
  2. Safety
    As our equipment is portable there is no danger of people tripping over hoses being dragged through the building or transferring moisture from a wet carpet on a tiled floor and slipping over.
  3. Health
    As is well documented dust mites thrive on moisture and can multiply rapidly in wet carpets. For people with eczema, asthma and hay fever this can adversely affect them. Not so using the Elite process.
  4. Efficient
    Elite uses only evaporative cleaners unique to us leaving your carpets soft and dry usually within the hour so there is no danger of rapid re-soiling.
  5. No downtime
    The drying process is so rapid that usually within an hour you can move your furniture over them. Great for Hotels, Motels and all commercial premises.
  6. No damage to the carpet
    As the Elite system dries within the hour there is no danger of musky odours, mildew, stretching or shrinking of the carpets.
  7. Economical
    As the carpets are dry within the hour they will usually stay cleaner for longer and periods between cleans do not need to be as frequent.
  8. Stain Removal
    Elite’s range is second to none. If it can be moved, we will move it for you.
  9. Portability
    Portable equipment which is great for multiple story apartments, units and houses. This also means that you will not have hoses running through your gardens, front door and windows.
  10. 100% satisfaction guarantee/value for money
    We are so confident about the quality of our work that we offer our money back guarantee (see conditions)
  11. Experts in flood restoration
    Elite has been drying down buildings and carpets since 1987. We are fully equipped with over 70 air movers, dehumidifiers and extraction machines, ready for any emergency.
  12. Benefits for commercial clients and tenants
    With our unique process tenants can move in to their property almost on completion of the job. Hotels, Motels can let rooms within hours of a clean. Gyms can be done whilst still open retail outlets can be cleaned before opening time.
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